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A genuine MLM success story is discovered when you check out how Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz and Todd Schlomer joined forces to help others conquer the Internet. As a team, they put together a 7-figure online empire in under a year. What I intend to share with you is their story and how anyone, who wishes to be successful on the Internet, can learn from their success.

Their MLM Success Story

As most people, they struggled in network marketing during their first few years. They used all the traditional strategies, calling friends and family, creating their warm list, having home opportunity meetings, doing one-on-one presentations, attending hotel meetings, giving out flyers, mall prospecting, etc. and had very little results.

Deep in credit card debt, determined to succeed, their marketing efforts turned to the Internet. They got involved with over 20 unique companies to find out how they all operated. They were trying to figure out which opportunity would be most profitable.. The problem was that they didn’t understand the first thing about how to successfully build a network marketing business.

There were two strong beliefs, they held, that kept them going:

1. Network marketing was by far the most lucrative business on earth, and
2. With about 2 billion online users, the Internet was definitely a goldmine.

In time, their research, determination, and trial and error started to pay off. They applied what they learn, having studied the top producers, and things came together. In less than 12 months, they went from struggling to make ends meet to generating over $2 million in earnings.

During 2008, they launched MLM Lead System Pro, a generic Internet lead generation system that anyone could learn and use to achieve success on the Internet. The company is based on attraction marketing and traffic generating principles, many of which were learned from Mike Dillard’s, “Magnetic Sponsoring” and “MLM Traffic Formula.”

MLM Lead System Pro offers an all-inclusive lead generation system that allows anyone to easily customize lead capture pages, send autoresponder follow-up messages, customize sales pages, and successfully promote almost any MLM or network marketing business. It includes high quality video training and ongoing live training covering the most effective Internet lead generation strategies. In addition, members using this system, are able to create multiple streams of income through affiliate commissions that are incorporated into the system.

Conquer The Internet DVD Released

In 2010, they released a marketing DVD titled, “Conquer The Internet.” This powerful DVD was planned to teach people the best MLM sponsoring strategies including:

* How the top network marketers enroll new distributors at will globally, 24 x 7, while they sleep, completely on autopilot.

* The #1 most important thing you have to do in order to keep your new reps on autoship so that you get paid long-term and build your residual check 100-fold.

* How you can make thousands of dollars per month off the 90%+ who say no to your business opportunity.

* The most powerful and proven 7-step marketing blueprint that will keep your phone ringing off the hook with laser-targeted prospects who are ready to join your business.

* How to avoid rejection forever, become the hunted instead of the hunter, and avoid being part of the 95% who will not succeed in network marketing…

Their “Conquer The Internet” DVD is intended to show you how normal, everyday people are making a killing leveraging the Internet. The goal of this DVD is to not only educate you on how fortunes are generated online, but to provide you with everything you need to start your own online empire beginning now!

And their MLM success story lives on. If you would like to see a short video with a personal message from the creators of this life changing DVD, check out “Conquer The Internet” now.

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