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I’ll show you move by move how to create subject matter on the net that’s functional and helps people link up with you. This is a way of getting Network Marketing leads for your home based mlm but you only talk to people that are actively looking for what you have to offer.

Initial you have to consider about who your trying to draw to you, or what class of leads you’d like to get. You can do this by answering a crucial question. What obstacle does my product or service solve? Let’s say that your business has a impressive weight loss product and your weight loss product is all natural, organic, and safe for kids to take. Your objective market could be parent or grandparent who have overweight kids. This is just one example but in almost all cases you’ll have a ton of objective markets. You’ll want your message to be the most powerful by speaking to one specific niche. This way when your objective market reads or sees your message they say, “wow, this is precisely what I’ve been looking for”! free mlm leads don’t just jump in your lap but when you conect with someone they are bound to want to know more about you and to give you their info.

This initial step is the most principal. know who you’re speaking to. Who are they and why are you speaking to them and not another group.

Now that you have figured out who you’re talking to the next step is to let them understand you understand how they feel about the obstacle at hand. This is very powerful because if you can identify with the obstacle that they have it goes a long way to making you a believable source. Let’s go back to the weight loss example for now. We have figured out that we are targeting our message to parents with overweight kids. Now start thinking what some of what they may be thinking about. Why would having an over weight child be a problem? Why would the parents be seeking a resolution? How do they feel about the challenge? First, they may be feeling worried about what other kids are saying about there child at school, or they may be concerned that their child is unhealthy. They could be worried about diseases like diabetes or depression. That means that by knowing exactly who you’re talking to and how they may be feeling your message will jump right out at them because it speaks directly to their needs and wants. Your message must be different than what’s typically out there. usually most marketer’s put out a blanket product or service description and hopes that someone reads or sees it. I think you can start to see the difference and at the end we will put the whole thing together.

Talk directly to your target markets emotions let them understand you understand how they feel. Every good product solves a problem. imagine of the electric can opener. This was remarkable for women who were tired of braking there nails while trying to open up a can. Every product solves a challenge and everyone feels someway toward the problem. Let your objective market understand you can relate.

Put it all together into one package. What obstacle are you solving? Who are you solving it for? What are you solving it with? Why are they looking for a resolution? How can you help? This is how you get folks to give you their contact information so you can help them with the challenge at hand. You have established the challenge you have established why the challenge needs to be addressed and last you must convince them that you are the one to solve the problem for them. Lets first talk about what you’ve already done for them that no one else has. You have demonstrated you know what’s going on with them and you’ve shown them you know how they feel. This goes a long long way because as we talked about before most everyone else just gives blanket info and hopes they get a few hits. You have related with your prospect or perspective customer and so you have made a human connection! This is what this process is all about, showing your prospect that your a real personal who knows how they feel and wants to help. Tell them why what you have is the superlative way for them to go about solving the obstacle. Let’s go back to our overweight kid’s parents. I’ll give you an overview of the message we’ve come up with.

Over 40% of American kids are over weight leading to juvenal diabetes and self-esteem problems. If you’re worried about your child’s weight and would like some help from someone who knows what your going through please call now for a free consultation because help is just a call away and you’ve waited long enough.

This message could be made into a blog article, condensed into a twitter comment, a blip on your fasebook page, or a comment on a blog for weight loss tips, an email, and so on and so on. After you answer all the questions put it all together.

Ok here is the last step. Now you need to know what to do with your message once you have written it or videoed it. The superlative place to start is to go thru the same process that your customer or prospect would go thru. Keep in mind you are targeting a very specific group. Search in Google as 70% of all searches happen there. But you should also look thru sites like ehow, digg, mix, folked, ezines, twitter, fasebook, myspace, GoArticals, you tube, meta cafe, blogroll, wordpress, Technorati, hub pages, Add This, Delicious, and so many more. See what happens is that when you get some good subject matter going that is constructed using the formula we just talked about it draws attention and by using these or any other social media what happens is that the major search engines will index your subject matter on these sites and you’ll end up in the search results for what ever it is that you recommend. This is how the big dogs do it and it’s also how major corporations construct ad’s to and get there message out there. So at the bottom you’ll see the simple formula on how to construct your message so folks will contact you for what you have to offer and not you having to bug your friends and family to death to look at something that they probably could use by don’t want. No one know this better than me. My friends and family wouldn’t answer my calls for a wile there before I started marketing on-line. I laid it on way to thick. I got some bad advice from my up-line and the biggest obstacle was that my up-line was so against anything on-line that they told me to stay away from marketing on-line. It’s wasn’t their fault they just didn’t understand how to take business to the net, they had been taking business to there friends and family and other networkers for so long that they couldn’t see any other way. I had no other options as I had gone thru my contacts in the initial month or two and just couldn’t see talking to everyone around me every place I went about my business for the rest of my life. I mean do you meet anyone else but networkers who do that? Just consider if a painter who was in line with you at the store started talking about how great he painted and asked to come over and show you his work! You might get a bit creeped out? That’s what most folks imagine of us when we do it, it’s not professional and it gives mlm a bad name. Follow these steps and you will not have to bug your mail man or that neighbor you don’t like ever again!! This is just one element one phase one peace of the puzzle. A home based mlm business can be a great way to make a living if you get the best Network Marketing training you’ll really start to see a diferance in the amount of income you bring in.