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MLM lead generation with words? What I’m talking about is writing articles or blog posts that can be found on the Internet. Articles or posts that share information that people, who are interested in MLM or network marketing, would find helpful. My objective is to tell you how you can use this approach to ultimately attract MLM leads and enroll distributors lightening fast.

So the question is, why would you want to write something that appears on the Internet? People use the Internet looking for information, solutions to their problems, or because they’re wanting to study something. When you provide what they’re looking for, chances are, they may want to discover more about you and what you’re involved with. When that happens, your MLM lead generation system gets involved.

MLM Lead Generation — Article Marketing

This is how this top producer, David Wood, uses article marketing to produce 100+ free MLM leads each day and recruit 10+ new reps every week. He told me what he does and it’s not difficult. This strategy is not difficult when you have somebody to teach you just what you need to do. So, because I want to keep this thing short, sweet, and to the point, here are 5 things he told me:

1. Write one piece of content or a blog entry daily and post this to your website or blog. Doing this consistently is the key. After a short time, you will start to stand out in the crowd and begin to see some success.

2. Write different versions of your content and submit it to numerous article directories. This is what’s known as spinning your article. It takes an extra 30 minutes for each article to change the sentences 3 times. Software can make this simple to do. Now use the same software and submit your article to 100 plus separate article directories throughout Internet. Because you are creating different content by spinning the articles, there won’t be any issues due to duplication. We use a program called, Automatic Article Submitter, to do this.

3. The articles you submit will include an author resource box or author’s bio area. This is where you include links going back to your original content that you placed on your website or blog. Your article will get massive exposure and generate several links pointing back to your website or blog. Google will look at the links as pointing to several pieces of unique content and rank your content high. How would it feel to have your content show up on the first page of of Google for whatever keyword you choose? Now here’s where your MLM lead generation system takes over and starts to produce results.

4. Next, promote your original blog entry or article with a brief video. Create a 30 second video and submit it to all the video sharing sites available. Just make sure that you include a link, in the resource box, that points to your original content. You can use a site called Traffic Geyser to do this quite easily. Or you can use a free online service called TubeMogul, although it has some limitations and isn’t as effective as Traffic Geyser.

5. Next bookmark you original content using a as service that’s free, It will submit to numerous bookmarking websites and your content will get more exposure.

Writing articles is just one of a few highly effective MLM lead generation strategies you can implement to create targeted, free MLM leads. Having an effective MLM lead generation system, available to use, can help you sponsor more distributors lightening fast. It’s not that difficult when you have someone to teach you precisely what to do.

If you’re wanting to find out more about MLM lead generation, how to do it, and more importantly, how to generate free MLM leads and use them to create the success you always dreamed about, check out what Jim Hageman recommends now!

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