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After I created my own MLM lead generation machine, I finally felt like I was going to be successful online.

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Once I mastered MLM lead generation, I automatically picked up the other skills I needed as well

I now consider myself an internet marketing expert. The only time I really had any success online with MLM was when I was being “given” quality leads

Ever since then I have been trying to bring my business onto the internet, and only recently have had success.

I had to “grow up” and start taking my business seriously if I wanted to make some money at it.

This article is about what I learned during that time. Hopefully you can take it and learn to create your own MLM lead generation machine. We want to have as many MLM leads for our program as we need. Once we know how how to create the leads… then the rest we can figure out later… Here is where I went wrong…

1. I was doing it backwards..

I was naively hopingthat the systemwas going to “sell itself”.. This was the biggest mistake in my thinking. I had the mistaken idea that If I just told enough people about my program, thenenough people would sign up to really get it worthwhile.

The probem was not with the company I was with… The problem was that I did not “add value” to the company. There was nothing special about me that would cause anyone to join with me, instead of with another person. Why should they want to come in with me? Just because I was pestering them? Anyone that joined because I pestered them so much wasn’t a very good canidate in the first place.

There had to be a compelling reason above and beyond the company itself why someone would want to join with me.

2. I learned to turn the marketing cycle “right side up”.

Another main thing that I was doing wrong was I was “pushing” myself, my company, and the opportunity. By pushing I mean being obknoxsious, talking about my company with every word, spending every waking monment trying to recruit, and basically being a pest… both online and offline. I also thought that If I just injected myself (or my link, or my company) into every possible avenue both online and offline, that would gain me the exposure that I needed to grow my businesss. Wrong answer…

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(As a side note… don’t every just post your links all over the place… especially on social networking sites… No one cares about your links… If you have something that is unique and valueable that you created…, people like that..)

The online top earning guys were “attracting” people to themselves. I liked that idea. Instead of “pushing” ( or sometimes called “puking”) there opportunity onto people, people were actually seeking them out wanting to work with them.

Would it really be possible to create a “passive” stream of mlm leads?

3. Attraction Marketing

Then I started to Study a concept by Mike Dillard called Attraction Marketing. This was totally foriegn to me andat first and I didn’t “get it” The basic premise was that if you could show yourself as an expert or a leader in a particular field then people would want to be around you and would want to work with you.

How would I become a leader?… Who would think I was some sort of expert? How could I do that anyway?

4. Content Marketing

I realized that it was just learning enough about a concept to be able to provide some good information to others. For example… I know a little about content marketing, andcreating online MLM leads, that is why you’re here.

At first I didn’t feel confident enoughto share with others… The fact of the matter is just about everyone is an expert on something. Usually we like to talk about the things that we are passionate about..

By creating good content, I was able to show people that I could add value. This in turn, creates a trust between the reader and myself. This is the foundation to ultimately working together and recruiting plenty of people into my business.

This “model” works for everyone all the time… All you have to do is implement it..

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