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about Gary J. Cooper

Gary J. Cooper

Gary J. Cooper

Gary J. Cooper lives in West Creek, NJ with his kids. Gary has been working at home as an Internet Marketer. He runs We Coach Success helping people to learn the steps necessary to be successful from home. Gary has worked in the Automotive Industry for over 30 years. Gary has been especially interested in personal development for many years. And enjoys seeing people grow and prosper in all areas of their lives; Spiritually, Physically, and Financially. We Coach Success and MLM Coach is a company dedicated to helping people succeed through personal coaching and mentoring. To build their lives the way they desire and to give them the tools to grow and prosper in all aspects of their lives.

For Fun here is a video of Gary Cooper, is it me?

Gary Cooper

The Passion of We Coach Success

We Coach Success is a company dedicate to the success of others. After many years of seeing people including myself fail at home-based businesses. Many people put their life blood sweat and tears in trying to create success in network marketing, affiliate marketing, direct sales, home parties, real estate deals and many more. But to no avail. Why is that? Most people don’t have a fundamental understanding of human nature and how people think. They don’t understand the process of the sale. Yes I said it sale, everything come down to someone trading their dollars for a product. This happens ever second of the day someone somewhere is buying. So why so much failure in this industry. Well there are many reasons, but mainly it’s about training and then marketing. First you need to understand what to do, then to go ahead and do it. What happens to most of us, we get excited about a product and then proceed to jam it down everyone throat. Whatever you favorite meals is Italian food etc, you love it and can eat it all the time. But if someone was forcing it down your throat, it would make you sick. But people do it all day long.

Most people are not understanding attraction marketing principles. Where people come to you, for what they want, and you sell it to them. Sounds easy right. We Coach Success is about giving people the understanding of fishing in the right lake for the right fish. Giving them the understanding of sale that there are people who are looking for the product they are offering. That they must market in the place where those people will find them. When I want a steak dinner I don’t go the gas station to get it. I go to great steak house. So why do we get upset when we are telling our friends and family about our product. They really are not interested, so stopping doing it, it’s a waste of time. You have steak and they want fuel. It’s not happening! This is also true on the internet. People are promoting their primary company online. No is listening and they could care less. We all have heard the pre-launch with the revolutionary product that will make you live to 150 . ( just kidding). People are sick of it and so am I.

There is a much better way and that is what we teach.

We Coach Success is giving away two weeks of free “ one on one’ training to teach people the principle of success and process of the sale. We understand the frustration they feel about not getting the success they want. We are here to help them take the steps, no matter how small, to get going in the direction of success. Success is an on going action plan that we will travel down our whole lives.

So let’s go together and bring success back to our life’s and life’s of our family. Remember 2010 is coming! A new decade, a new start for you. Fresh new chance of life the way you always wanted it to be.

So get the free training now so life can start a new for you in 2010.

Gary J. Cooper