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Compassion for the Wounded MLM’er

I wrote this article in 2009, I just updated it, but it’s more true today – Check it out!

Are you a wounded MLM’er, are you bleeding to death and there is no one to help.  Have you been promised and lied to about what to do in networking marketing.  Are you losing time, money, and even loved ones?

Friends don’t even want to talk to you any longer because they “don’t” want to hear it again.  Getting tired of making lists of people, and people running from you. And you are not sure why, but it still hurts. You continually told to tell everyone about your business, find two people a month
for your business, etc You are told this is what to do, so you keep doing it and the credit card balance keep getting bigger and friends list is getting smaller. Is your husband or wife not trusting your decision any longer because you have lost so much money. Blood continues to flow for the wounded MLMer. But they caught the MLM Bug, its in their blood and they don’t know what to do. If I can find a new company so I can get my money back and prove to everyone that I was right. So I’ll go and look and sure enough I got an email about this most amazing product that is just in pre-launch and if I get in early, my money problems will be all over. The fix is on, so they sell the furniture, now I can be a “founder” of this so-called new company. Things are now happening and people are joining, but an uneasy feeling comes over me after reading an email. The government is looking into them for some unknown allegations. I’m sure leaders of this company will know what to do, it will be all right. So they keep going, and then it happens. The products are taking longer to come and complaints are rising. The commission checks are bouncing. So they hurry home from the bank holding this bad check and they hop on to the company website, and you get “sorry website not found”. And now you feel this sick feeling in your stomach. You sit there in unbelief. How did this happen? So I go call my up-line for support so he/she can give me with some comforting words that it will be OK and things will get back together soon. But all you get is voice mail and for some funny reason they haven’t called you back.
Is this you or has been you? Well I can tell you I have been there! Let me tell you there is hope
and light at the end of the tunnel, no it’s not a train coming. It’s the light of your success dawning in the conscience of your mind. But it’s going to take time and you will need to have patience with yourself. This is not about any new MLM company or product but it’s about you and your education. It’s about learning to understand yourself and your prospects. And finally it about learning to market. Understanding what makes a success and where does it start from. Understanding your mind and how it works and taking steps to build up yourself. Network Marketing is about connecting with liked minded people who understand your desire for a better life. In the beginning of this article your driving people away from you, that’s not networking, it’s division. So how do I attract the right people to me. First you need to work on you and what you believe and know about the products you love and how they changed your life or improved the health/life of a loved one. It’s your passion and belief in the product to give life changing results that keeps you in the game. People will be attracted to you who feel the same way and will partner with you in the mission. Are you starting to get the picture here, it’s about you not about your MLM. It’s now time to promote “YOU”. You have fought the battles and have bled and now it time for victory. Now Let’s Join arms together and take this world for the home-based business in 2014.

Whatever is your passion go for it. Do it now! Do it today. Work on your beliefs, work on passion and then work on the marketing.

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Gary J. Cooper

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