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Though business coaching is not meant to be a quick fix, organizations who hire business coaches often need things to be fixed as soon as possible. Business clients have little time to hear out the concerns of the coach or give time to address the real causes that are the root problems. They feel they have hired a coach or a consultant, and it is the job of the coach to solve the situation. Thus, coaches by necessity often have to assume a directorial attitude or one of “I know more than you do” in order to get things done more quickly.

But it is also true that the spectrum of business coaches and business coaching firms is huge. The business coaching services on offer are seemingly endless. Now, different people provide different skills, so it VERY very important for you to be clear about what you want from an executive or business coach.

…and over 84,000. Now either this text that is currently in the Wikipedia article is so excellently fabulous, that everybody who is offering business coaching services (most of them being in Australia, it would appear from the URLs), wants to copy it, or, it is far more likely, somebody who added this silly section to this article copied it off of his own company’s web site for SEO purposes. Really, there are no sources about this topic online other than the web sites of people who offer such services. This is the sort of thing that is banned at Wikipedia. Given that it is not clear exactly what business coaches do, and that there are no positive testimonials to what they do anywhere outside of the web sites of the service providers themselves, this section might work best if it was merged to an article about business scams or something similar, but only after it has been extensively re-written. One thing is certain, however, material such as this has no business being on Wikipedia.—A lizard (talk) 21:10, 13 February 2010 (UTC)

The author would like to invite you to learn more about business coaching certification and management coaching.

This section talks about the differences and similarities between these very different environments. There are good and bad lessons from the often over-exposed world of sports. This is one contrast that many business coaching books do not explore.

In a world where certifications abound, it isn’t difficult to acquire one. We all want to become more visible in a crowd – more recognized for our accomplishments. Business coaching certification definitely distinguishes one person from another in some respect, but it becomes a bit confusing when a person can acquire a certificate without being an effective coach.

Sometimes business coaching certification recognizes a coach’s ethics – how they conduct themselves with business clients. Core values are a bit hard to measure, but it’s easy to understand why they would be important in distinguishing one coach from another.

There are some essential items and characteristics to look for in a business coaching certification. We will address those there. There are tons and tons of certification courses out there, from small business coaching, management coaching, corporate coaching and the list goes on and on. These traits are essential to find the highest quality coaching certification available.

Most business coaching certification programs are about completing some form of education or training. There are many good training/educational programs for coaches today, ranging broadly in scope and content. Some training is best delivered in a classroom or online, but much of the most impacting training happens in the real world – playing the game for real as a business owner, leader or manager. Academic training can be theoretical. It’s a lot different when you have to hire, train, manage, review, fire and actually hold your own people accountable. It means something more, when you have experienced your own wins and losses, if nothing more than to give you greater empathy as a coach. In its varied forms, training is very important and should be recognized, especially when it is current, continuous and relevant.

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