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six degrees or less

Are you using a Marketing System that matches the year you live in? Most people are still marketing their business using the 1970’s methods.  So how are you marketing your business these days, of social media, auto-responders and text messages. Yes we need to build relationships with people but how do we meet up with them in the first place.  I am not suggesting to forget the ” old school” methods. Learn how to incorporate Web 2.0 technologies into you marketing approach. So it not just the 3 ft rule any longer but “6 steps away rule”. Haven’t heard of that one yet, it the “Six degrees of Separation” . You know the human web. Connecting any two people in six steps or less. This is a great study.  So how does using a system play into it. Well come and learn about 21st Century Marketing . This system will help bring you into the their warm market. So six step or less if your answer to filling your sales funnel in 2010. Learn more about the NEW ECONOMY.

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